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FMA. 19674. Anatomical terminology. The membranous urethra or intermediate part of male urethra is the shortest, least dilatable, and, with the exception of the urinary meatus, the narrowest part of the urethra . Betekenis pars prostatica urethrae. Er werden geen betekenissen of definities van het woord 'pars prostatica urethrae’ gevonden in de database.

Pars prostatica urethrae betekenis

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The male urethra laid open on its anterior (upper) surface. (Prostatic part labeled at upper right.) 1: Vas deferens. 2: Seminal vesicle. 3: Base of the prostate.

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bulbourethralis. Many small glands similar to the prostata glands are found in this part, too.

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Pars prostatica urethrae betekenis

q) Vas deferens. r) Epididymus.

ostium urethra interna (trigonum vesica) 2. ostium uretris dx Vad pars prostatica, pars membranacea resp. pars spongiosa går genom/passerar. pars membranacea.
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Pars prostatica urethrae betekenis

Commencing below the inferior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm it passes forward and upward to the front of the pubic symphysis; and then, in the flaccid condition of the penis, it bends downward and forward. It is narrow, and of uniform size in the Pars prostatica urethrae – dalis, einanti per priešinę liauką.

WikiProject Anatomy (Rated Redirect-class) This redirect is within the scope of WikiProject Anatomy, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Anatomy on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate Swedish Translation for Pars prostatica urethrae - dict.cc English-Swedish Dictionary pars prostatica 3 cm is length lined by transitional epithelium it is the widest and most dilatable part of male urethra 6. course:begins at the neck of the bladder ,runs downwards and slightly forwards to end at the posterior layer of triangular ligament(urogenital diaphragm) 7.
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Bangunannya: - ostium urethrae internum ostium vesicae, disekelilingnya terdapat m. sphinchter urethrae internum - crista urethralis lanjutan dari uvula vesicae - colliculus seminalis lanjutan dari crista urethralis, 1. Author(s): Iversen,Axel,1844-1892. Title(s): Prostatas normale Anatomi : pars prostatica urethrae/ af Axel Iversen. Country of Publication: Sweden Publisher English Translation for Pars prostatica urethrae - dict.cc Danish-English Dictionary The Structural Basis for Congenital Valve Formation in the Posterior Urethra 1 Pars prostatica urethrae [Abschnitt der Harnröhre oberhalb des Diaphragma urogenitale in der Prostata] translation english, German - English dictionary, meaning, see also 'Paris',Parsing',Patres',Parasit', example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary Pars prostatica urethrae priešinė šlaplės dalis statusas T sritis gyvūnų raida, augimas, ontogenezė, embriologija atitikmenys: lot.